About Us

Stephanie holding lavenderBetter living through all natural products. I started my business four years ago with a gift, site a Christmas present of an empty bee hive for our new farm near Skaneateles, clinic New York. Within a year we would uproot our family from New York City to begin an adventurous life of beekeeping, buy farming, and entrepreneurship.

It all begins with great honey. At Bee Attitudes Honey I tend to our bees using all natural methods; we uncap the honeycomb by hand, extract the honey by hand and never heat our honey before packaging. We leave in all the good things that nature intended from these amazing creatures. My artisan honey and lavender products come directly from my 23 beehives and the three acres of french lavender on our farm. Our line of products includes artisan all-natural honey-granola, lavender-honey, raw honey, essential lavender oil and a lavender bath scrub. All include raw honey from my bees. I’ve grown the business from a holiday bazar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan four years ago, to being a regional maker of artisan products distributed in boutique retail locations around the scenic Finger Lakes of New York.

My vision for Bee Attitudes Honey is to grow it into a brand that stands for handmade, all-natural, artisan products that carry my distinct style for life: beautiful packaging, warmth in every product, a thoughtful gift, or just the best ingredients that you could feed yourself and your loved ones. The growth of my business has quite literally taken my breath away.